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Started by David in General Chat Jun 8, 2011.

Be very very afraid of US in Haiti

Started by Philani Lubanyana in Current Economic Climate Discussion Jan 18, 2010.

American recession fuelling domestic inflation in developing world? 8 Replies

Started by Bhasker Siddharth in Current Economic Climate Discussion. Last reply by Bhasker Siddharth Jan 17, 2010.

is a "sustainable economy" an oxymoron? 3 Replies

Started by ben balanag in Current Economic Climate Discussion. Last reply by ben balanag Jan 8, 2010.

Is the choice of left or right stopping us from looking at other options 1 Reply

Started by samay leonard arnold in Macroeconomics Discussion. Last reply by Cal Miles Nov 6, 2009.

How is GDP change calculated ?

Started by BoilerRoom in General Economics Discussion Sep 20, 2009.

What to blame for the present economic crisis? 3 Replies

Started by Bhasker Siddharth in Current Economic Climate Discussion. Last reply by CristoferW Sep 18, 2009.

Stocks, Gold or Treasuries? 2 Replies

Started by Bhasker Siddharth in Current Economic Climate Discussion. Last reply by Bhasker Siddharth Sep 17, 2009.

Blog Posts

Budget Deficit and Interest Rate

Recently I came across a problem which questioned how a country can increase budget deficit (through Gov. Spending) without increasing the interest rate. It asked its readers to solve it using IS-LM model and figure out two ways of achieving it. Surely a pertinent question in today’s scenario when central banks have pumped in lot of…

Posted by Bhasker Siddharth on May 10, 2010 at 9:00am

Re-Inventing Capitalism from the neighborhood to the Macro Level

Main Street Micro- EquityShare Incentives Systems (MSEIS) Corporations- inventing our way forward…


Posted by Anthony Manzo on March 12, 2010 at 11:30am

India: Tackling recent surge in inflation

We are witnessing a surge in inflation (in India) and this time the soaring numbers are reflecting the CPI. It would be interesting to see how the government tackles the situation.

The inflation figures are soaring due to rise in prices of food items, primarily potato (136%), pulses (40%), onion (15.4%) and wheat (14%). Supply side constraint has been sighted as the primary reason behind this recent surge. It’s true keeping in mind the draughts and floods that we have faced this year. To… Continue

Posted by Bhasker Siddharth on December 20, 2009 at 1:55am — 1 Comment

Challenges in front of Infrastructure Projects in India

India infrastructure: big ambitions, big potential, big money, little happening. This is what I feel, sums up, what's happening in the Indian infrastructure sector. Government's extended enthusiasm about the sector hasn't been able to get the big infrastructure projects moving. There are lot of PPP projects coming up but what's going wrong? Many Infrastructure and Power shares are seeing constant ups and downs in the market. What is keeping the big money away? Surely the private investor is… Continue

Posted by Bhasker Siddharth on November 16, 2009 at 2:00pm

Role of Fiscal and Monetary policy: American context (Part 1)

I started off with the aim of exploring recessionary economics. I wanted to find out the different ways in which a recession is triggered and steps which can lead a nation out of it. But as I spent more time on it, the length and complexity of the scenarios to be considered kept increasing. I wanted to present a simple model which can explain different kinds of recession and give a clear picture of the phenomena which everybody can understand. But as I said earlier it’s now taking too much… Continue

Posted by Bhasker Siddharth on September 22, 2009 at 2:47pm




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