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Be very very afraid of US in Haiti

“The disaster in Haiti is neither the result of the so-called “will of God” nor the fault of the Haitian people. It is the result of centur…

Started by Philani Lubanyana

0 Jan 18, 2010

American recession fuelling domestic inflation in developing world?

American economy is influencing the world economy as never before and particularly the Asian developing nations which are increasingly beco…

Started by Bhasker Siddharth

8 Jan 17, 2010
Reply by Bhasker Siddharth

is a "sustainable economy" an oxymoron?

Just wondering is a "sustainable economy" an oxymoron? The reason I ask is because last night I watched a program on Frontline, about one w…

Started by ben balanag

3 Jan 8, 2010
Reply by ben balanag

Job Hunting: 1957 to 2007: 2 Applications EACH Week for 50 Years

LETTER WRITING: 2 JOB APPLICATIONS EACH WEEK FOR 50 YEARS---JOB HUNTING 1957-2007 The 3600 word statement which follows describes my tran…

Started by RonPrice

0 Oct 27, 2009

What to blame for the present economic crisis?

It's an interesting question, specially because everybdy wants an answer and has an answer as well to this query. I would not put the blame…

Started by Bhasker Siddharth

3 Sep 18, 2009
Reply by CristoferW

Stocks, Gold or Treasuries?

Hey frns... I see this question popping up quite a bit more frequently now as compared to couple of months back. Perhpas the liquidity boos…

Started by Bhasker Siddharth

2 Sep 17, 2009
Reply by Bhasker Siddharth

solve this problem..

a. Assume that the market price is established by the following equations: Supply Curve: P = 10 - 2Q + 0.15Q2 Demand Curve: P = 14.6 - 0.8Q…

Started by mimie

0 Sep 15, 2009

the Bretton Woods system of monetary management.: July 1944

BORN AT THE RIGHT TIME While watching Stephen Fry in America,1 episode #1, I was reminded of an international agreement that was signed in…

Started by RonPrice

0 Aug 25, 2009

On the question of economic and monetary policy, should Central and Eastern member states adopt a policy of 'Euro-isation' in order to best avoid domestic cutbacks?

On the question of economic and monetary policy, should Central and Eastern member states adopt a policy of 'Euro-isation' in order to best…

Started by Elliot

2 Aug 24, 2009
Reply by Elliot

Paul Monk RetiresAt 38

RETIRING EARLY Paul Monk was interviewed by Geraldine Googue on her Breakfast Show on ABC1 Radio National on 8 August 2009. Monk became fa…

Started by RonPrice

0 Aug 11, 2009


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