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“The disaster in Haiti is neither the result of the so-called “will of God” nor the fault of the Haitian people. It is the result of centuries of imperialist domination, occupation and isolation. The news reports talk about Haiti ’s poverty, but they don’t tell you why Haiti is so poor. Very few people know that Haiti was the scene of the only successful slave revolution in history—when the heroic descendants of African slaves drove out the strongest army in the world at that time, the French. Very few people know that the world’s powers—especially the U.S., which at that time feared the influence of Haiti on the slaves in this country, and France —embarked on a policy of isolating and impoverishing Haiti. Very few people know that for nearly 20 years in the early 1900’s the U.S. marine’s occupied Haiti, suppressing a liberation struggle and implanting puppets. Very few people know that the U.S. backed the infamously cruel tyrant “Papa Doc” Duvalier, and then his son “Baby Doc,” in the middle of the century. And all too few know that it then conspired to overthrow the popular president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in the 1990’s and then again just a few years ago in 2004. All these criminal actions—this long criminal history of oppression—flowed from the economic and political needs of the U.S. ruling classes during the time when the United States was run, first, by a coalition of capitalist and slave-holding classes, and then more recently (and up to today) by the ruling capitalist-imperialist class. Throughout the last two centuries the U.S. has backed up reactionary ruling classes within Haiti as part of this” Global Research Canada. We must open our ears and eyes when US enters Haiti and claim to be helping poor people, we all concern about the devastating situation in Haiti but that mustn’t be an excuse to allow US to micromanage Haiti government, To US this is an opportune time to reinforce its presence in the Caribbean like in Africa with the se called AFRICOM rather than assisting Haitians. US must take instruction from Haiti Government rather than the opposite.Philani.Lubanyana@Umlazi. South Africa

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