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Is the choice of left or right stopping us from looking at other options

This post has been created to look at whether the idea that companies and individuals looking out for their own individual need creates the most beneficial result, an idea that seems to go against common sense and what we know of other disciplines i.e. working together to achieve a common goal normally leading to better results than people working on their own, is right and whether left wing economics which can sometimes depends on the state to provide the answers is really living up to that ideal. I propose that we need to work together in an economy and not compete against eachother and that it is cooperation not incentive of our greed that does propel an economy and that this is how even free market economies succeed all though how much we cooperate is needs to be widened, and that the state may not entirely live up to or allow that kind of cooperation. How such an economy would work I do not know and I think this is something that we all need to work together in order to find out. As arguements for why free markets aren't as ideal as they are supposed to be I would like to refer to the idea that the pricing signal is not a perfect method of as the price will only indicate how much has been sold and this will never be a perfect indicator of how much to produce, it does not deal with the problem of externalities, and efficiency is only as good as the knowledge and motivation you have, which isn't dealt with out cooridantion between different areas of the economy and with greed as a principal motivating factor. I realised the other day that I thought we could only suggest ideas for the economy that appeased the generaly consesus, but I realised I didn't want to say anything because I felt it would bruise peoples egos to say cooperate and get over your own prejudice and ego, mainly because I didn't want my ego bruised I didn't want to bruise anyone elses, I shouldn't be affraid to get over my own ego and shouldn't be afraid to try and encourage others to get passed theirs.

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