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hello, there. nice to meet you. i'm in serious need of help.

after about 11 whole semesters or so, i am at last in my way to finally acquire my economics science bachelor's degree, the term paper conclusion alone standing between me and my dear diploma.

unfortunately, i've never been much into my own area of study, my interests turning rather upon literature, cinema, and whatnot; i don't even intend to pursue an economist carreer, and in all actuality i definitely wont. so then i have not really, during these years, deeply researched on the topic i must deal with right now; and writing it without any good references whatsoever has been seriously painful to me.

the thing is, the professors are not being helpful with that; to this point, i've managed to get not a single word from them. and yet, the way things are done down here in my university (de brasília), my term paper is not free to be written; i have to follow pre-defined topics and discussions, which are:



- historical notes & developments (done)

- friedman vs. keynes: rationality postulate vs. fundamental psychological law (help)

- yet to be defined (wait)


the professor wants me to compare friedman's and keyne's consumption theories and then go ahead and present a methodological critique of it, focusing on their a priori assumptions: the fundamental psychological law, in keynes, versus the rationality principle in friedman. since i shouldn't put down on the paper my own thoughts, because it should be throughly grounded on established authors' previous works, i need to rely upon relevant references; but as for now my sole efforts (and i'm alone at that) have not lead me yet to any such ones.

so, then, i will kindly ask you people:

can you provide me with relevant references?

what are the seminal papers on the subject? is there any work that deals directly with this matter? what about those that deal even indirectly with it?

would you come up with any other suggestions?

i'd appreciate any help. please excuse my non-operational english.


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