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Economics Forum are going to produce a video to be shown at the next Davos World Economic Forum

We need to answer the question:
Will the Environment will lose out to the Economy?

To participate you need to contribute by either providing your opinion in reply to this thread, or by submitting a short video (5-30 seconds) to the site which will be edited into the final video.

The person who contributes the most (excluding myself) will be awarded the prize of a free trip to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos should we win.

Our final video submission must be made by 20th January 2009, therefore all contributions need to be submitted by 10th January 2009

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These are some excellent answers so far. Please remember that the audience will not be economists, thus we will need to pitch our answer that will be useful to economists and non-economists
Hi Danny,

Thanks for the original heads up by the way. I am going to draft together an answer from all these and submit a joint video proposal from the forum. Should we win the prize goes to the best contributor (aside from myself)
Video coming soon, am going to try and make it today.

David Anderton - due to the fact that the video can only be 3 mins long I cannot include much of what you have argued, but you make a very good case. I suggest you make a video of your own
looks like we didnt win, although im not sure what the winning video was yet

thanks to all - hope you enjoyed the process!

nice work david on making your own video


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