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who do you blame for this the economic mess?

Like many others I was kinda shell shocked about the sudden decline in the economy and have been pondering why we are, where we are. So just thought I'd ask the not so simple question: who do you blame for this the economic mess?

Personally I've come to the conclusion that the state of the economy reflects pretty much what society as a whole has "invested" in the economy. To borrow a computer science term I'd say GIGO accurately describes what is happening. FYI GIGO stands for "Garbage In Garbage Out!"

Just thought I'd add that I also think there are some amazing economic opportunites to be had IF ya read the tea leaves right and survive this little economic mess.

BTW if anyone is interested here is my own extened take on this economic mess:

So anyone else think we're in for some interesting times ahead considering today it was announced that Social Security will pay out more than it collects by 2016.

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